Help investigation with neuropsychology

We help investigators to understand the behavior of people in the case: we speak with persons, we make a scheme of the global mind in the company and how people interact.

We can go in the companies, wordwilde , or conduct skype discussion.

We have connections in several countries and multilingual consultants.

Ask for details of how we can help on a specific case : contact


We act with Family Businesses to understand conflicts and find solutions inside family business law

As we have a long term knowledge of family organizations, we study relationship within the family and of family with specific clients. We conduct confidential interviews in a soft manner that could generate interactions.


We confidentially help leaders and CEO

for sensitive and crisis situation

for succession

for board understanding


Human factors in cases and trials on site or on file

We make case review with lawyers and investigators in the preinvestigation phase, we choose what is the more psychologically accurate to investigate and how to move on when situation is blocked .

We assist IT investigators for directing and understanding data.


Training forensic interviews and auditors

Short group, round tables and conferences

Associates to FISĀ°



Each of us is an individual consultant, We have professionnal confidentiality code both in "Neurofinde" and in our own professionnal organization . So we refer to a common ethical code, we also have privileged discussion on the case.


Closeup of a red "confidential" stamp on white paper, with the red ink bleeding into the paper.


We have plans which are personnally adjusted to your need.

Send us an email and we will fix an appointment either in town, or by Skype if you are outside London or Paris