investigation for companies

specialized in understanding the behavior of people in the case: we speak with persons, we make a scheme of the global mind in the company and how people interact.

in the companies, wordwilde , or conduct interviews.

We have connections in several countries and multilingual consultants.

small companies and family businesses coaching

we coach managers of small businesses and family busines
to a better understanding within the family
in normal governance
during crisis

managers and CEO coaching

for sensitive and crisis situation

for succession

for board understanding


due diligence

personnel due diligence
recruitment legal due diligence
IT understanding



individual training
group training
for business psychology


Depuis 1993


Each of us is an individual consultant, We have professionnal confidentiality code both in "Neurofinde" and in our own professionnal organization . So we refer to a common ethical code, we also have privileged discussion on the case.


Closeup of a red "confidential" stamp on white paper, with the red ink bleeding into the paper.


We have plans which are personnally adjusted to your need.

Send us an email and we will fix an appointment either in town, or by Skype if you are outside London or Paris