interviews in structures

Interviews in organizations and companies to understand the psychodynamic structure of group


Psychology to help investigation

We read the files,  review the psychology of cases with you. We help you discover the blind spot of the case and focus on it.

Family business speech improvement

Working on conflicts and crisis in family business, litigation, succession within the family business

Forensic Neuropsychiatry

We have appointements and interviews , and we study file if you had a legal question regarding neuropsychiatry:

Training in business psychology

We organize training in psychology, learning about human factor in entreprises.

We shape plans against fraud and psychosocial problems in the entreprises.

For leaders, risk managers, compliance managers.

We help compliance managers in psychology

To prevent socioprofessional risk

To build a compliance plan aking care of human factor

To manage psychology of Whistle blowers



family case


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